Book List – #52booksin52weeks

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Go to Audible now to get any of these books on you smartphone or tablet. You can also get them on your Kindle.

2019 List:

  1. “Trader Mind” by Steve Ward
  2. “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

2018 List:

  1. “How to Get and Stay Motivated”, by @grantcardone
  2. “The Bulletproof Diet…” @dave.asprey
  3. “Relentless: From Good, To Great, To Unstoppable” @attackathletics
  4. “Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win” @jockowillink @realleifbabin
  5. “Miracle Morning” @hal_elrod
  6. “Unlimited Memory” – Kevin Horsely
  7. “Million Dollar Habits” – Brian Tracy
  8. “The E Myth Revisited” – Michael E Gerber
  9. “Boundaries for Leaders” – Dr. Henry Cloud
  10. “Never Split The Difference” – Chris Voss
  11. “12 Rules For Life – An Antidote To Chaos” – Jordan B. Peterson
  12. “Speak So Your Audience Will Listen” – Robin Kermode
  13. “The Demographic Cliff” – Harry S. Dent
  14. “Deep Work” – Cal Newport
  15. “Herding Tigers” – Todd Henry
  16. “If You’re Not First, You’re Last” – Grant Cardone
  17. “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” – Cal Newport
  18. “But What If We’re Wrong” – Chuck Klosterman
  19. “Sell Or Be Sold” – Grant Cardone
  20. “Peak Performance” – Steve Magness & Brad Stulberg
  21. 21 “Rise And Grind” – Daymond John & Daniel Pasner
  22. “The Outsiders” – William Thorndike
  23. “Market Mind Games” – Denise Shull
  24. “The 10x Rule” – Grant Cardone
  25. “The Storyteller’s Secret” – Carmine Gallo
  26. “Zero to One” – Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
  27. “Outliers: The Story of Success” – Malcolm Gladwell
  28. “Trading For A Living” – Richard Davison
  29. “Everything Happens For A Reason” – Kate Bowler
  30. 30 “The Dichotomy of Leadership” – @jockowillink @realleifbabin

Creating Time With Audiobooks

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Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Whether you’re spending time commuting to and from work or gardening on the weekend, maximize your time by listening to audiobooks.

Are you wasting time commuting to and from work? It’s no secret, commutes are an ideal time to listen to audiobooks particularly for busy people that don’t have the time to read books. I am surprised more people are not maximizing their time by listening to audiobooks during their commute. You are going to be on that commute either way, why not make the most of it?

Outside of your commute, here is a list of some other great times to listen to audiobooks:

*Working Out at the Gym
*Traveling for Business or Pleasure

You can easily add to this list. The point is the activities above, although physical in nature, still leave the mind open to information. Use that time.

Why Listen to an Audio Book versus music?

Many times we don’t have the time to get additional training at work or find the latest and greatest advice and tips on aging or parenting but you generally can find the time to listen. By listening you can grow, learn, and discover passions that you never dreamed of.

With audiobooks, you can learn a language, hear the latest biographies or the latest best selling thrillers. As a music lover I can tell you that there is room for both but learning to me has always been more important since I know we are in an increasingly competitive world where knowledge is not a luxury but a must.

Aren’t Audiobooks Expensive?

If you have not been exposed to audiobooks you may think that audiobooks are expensive. In some cases that may be true but they are available in a variety of different ways. Believe it or not, you can still get books on CD through your library.

However, it’s no secret that the internet is the easiest place to look. You have sites like Audibles that you can pay a monthly subscription. Although I have never looked at iTunes for books, they have audiobooks you can download. All You Can Books is another option that offers a 30-day free trial and claims to have over 40,000 books and works. Another site I came across while writing this article called Scribd also offers audiobooks.

Audiobooks are also available across all interests. They are not just business or training types of books. You can listen to fiction books through the sites listed above. You can also listen to different courses on platforms like Udemy, iTunes, or iTunes U.

In conclusion, the convenience of listening to an audiobook can’t be beaten. By having the access we do on the multiple platforms we have available, an audiobook instantly opens the floodgates to a new path of productivity and multitasking. It eliminates the excuse of not having the time, as you’re going to make that commute to work either way. Might as well make the most of it.

Savings Accounts That Earn The Most Interest

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With so many factors eroding away at your money, having savings accounts that earn the most interest is extremely important.

In my last article, I listed 10 Factors That Are Eroding Away At Your Money. Knowing what those factors are extremely important when you’re trying to protect your money against them. Although there are a few ways to really reduce those factors, maximizing the interest earned in your savings account will go along way.

Typical savings accounts average 0.07% whereas our top-rated online savings accounts below dish out more than 32x the returns of traditional banks and are insured by the FDIC. Simply put, most people are missing out on much larger guaranteed returns by letting their money languish in a traditional bank account with a low Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Although this is not all of the available options, take a look at these banks as an example of what’s out there:

  • Marcus Savings by Goldman Sachs — 2.05% APY
  • American Express National Bank — 2.10% APY
  • Barclays Online Savings — 2.05% APY
  • Synchrony Bank High-Yield Savings —  2.20% APY
  • Ally Online Savings — 2.00% APY
  • CIT Savings Builder — 2.25% APY (tiered)
  • Discover Online Savings — 2.00% APY
  • Alliant High-Rate Savings — 2.00% APY
  • My Savings Direct – 2.40% APY

While you’re looking at the different options, please keep in mind that a savings account is nothing more than a tool. Like any good toolbox, there are different tools for different jobs. Meaning this, do not be afraid to open different accounts for different purposes.

Make sure you name the accounts as you open them so you know the purpose of the account. For example – Rainy Day Account, Vacation Account, New Tires, Investment Account, etc.

If you are self-employed, I would suggest opening an account and naming it Tax Account. Speak with your accountant to determine the percentage of each check that should go into the account. Using a strategy like this ensures you are putting money away for various wants as well as obligations you will have in the future.

**Disclosure: Although I do use the strategies listed above, I am in no way associated or affiliated with any of the banks above. Please perform your own due diligence and consultant your accountant before opening any account with any bank. 

10 Factors That Are Eroding Away At Your Money

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“Money that you save is more valuable than money that you spend right away”, quote from Benjamin Franklin, is not entirely true.

The world is a much different place now than when Benjamin Franklin said this (if he even did say it all).

Here are the reasons why “a penny saved is a penny earned is not true”:

  1. Inflation – this one is easy, but think about it – the current inflation rate is ~2.2%. Although 2.2% is not a lot, your “penny” is automatically worth less every year.

  2. Taxes – Most families work from Jan. to mid-May for the government just to cover taxes. The more you earn, the more you pay. This is by far the largest chunk coming out of your “penny”

  3. Technological Changes – Every year some new technology comes out that you have to have. What you do? You go buy it! Even if you don’t buy it now, the market will force you to buy at some point. Go to #4.

  4. Planned Obsolesce – Think of what happened to the VHS players. What about the new iPhone or Android that comes out every year? Technology erodes at that precious “penny” you saved every year. Smart phones will continually update their operating systems until their older phones are obsolete.

  5. Financial Expenses – You ever get a bank fee? ATM Fee? Late Fee? Of course you have. Another piece of that precious “penny” gone.

  6. Lost Opportunity Costs – Very few people think of this one. If all the above factors have been eroding at that “penny” you have saved, what could you have spent it on that actually would have made you money? If $100 dollars is taken out in taxes, that is $100 less dollars you have to invest into something with an actual rate of return. Make sense?

  7. Interest-Rate Declines – if you depend on the interest of certain investments to meet your financial goals and the interest rate declines, then it may be harder for you to make up the difference. You might have to take an investment with a lower rate of return.

  8. Stock-Market Declines – This one is the biggest misunderstood concept of them all. People don’t really understand the percentages when it come to gains and losses in their brokerage accounts. If you invest $100 and experience a 20% loss, you would have $80 in your account. Next month you experience a 20% gain. Your dollar amount would now be $96, but you’re still $4 down from the original balance. In reality you’re still 4% down. Your account would have to grow 25% to get back to the original balance.

  9. Loans and Interest Charges – We have all had a car loan, right? In essence, you borrow the money from the lender at the given percentage rate, which is higher than your “penny” is earning in your savings. Once again eroding that precious penny you have saved.

  10. Lawsuits – If your wealth is not protected, then your wealth will be a target if you are considered liable in an accident.

    Moral of the post – a penny saved is NOT a penny earned. Do not leave money at rest. Put it work in vehicles that help prevent these eroding factors. Protect your money with proper financial structures. Become a steward of your money.

Reach Your True Potential

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reach your true potential, personal development, intellectual wellness

As you are your greatest asset, to reach your true potential is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family. To do that, managing your energy and your time is extremely important. This small article talks about a couple of techniques you can easily use to manage both of those and assist you in getting to where you want to be.

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