The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal

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The Willpower Instinct written by Kelly McGonial is number 3 on the road to 52 books this year.

You want to know how to really improve your health, happiness, and productivity?The Willpower Instinct is the book you need to read. This one will change your whole perspective on what you think”willpower” is.

I was always under the impression there was only one will power. It was the will power to move us towards the desired goal. Kelly proposes there are three separate types of Willpower – I Will, I Won’t, and I Need.

Each one is very different in its intention and focus. Kelly goes through the science indicating willpower is not an unlimited resource. If you’re focusing too hard the self-strong can actually be bad for your health.

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “everything in moderation”. To some extent it appears to be true. However, if you push your brain to an extreme, the guilt and shame over your setbacks can lead to you giving in again. It appears to be the reason why so many of us fail at weight loss.

According to Kelly though, self-forgiveness and self-compassion boost self-control. Giving up control is sometimes the only way to gain self-control. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true.

The biggest thing I gained from this book was that willpower is a mind-body response. Very much like a muscle being trained can grow, our willpower can get stronger as well.

Throughout the book, Kelly offers different challenges to help strengthen the different types of willpower. This is something that makes the book extremely helpful. This book is not just another book you read/listen to. There are actually activities throughout the book for you to work through.

As I continue down the path this year to be more mindful, I hope my willpower gets stronger. To see the books I have listened to last year and so far this year, go to the Book List.

The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle – #2 of 52 – Book Review

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The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

My goal this year as a whole is to be more mindful and present. The Power of Now was actually on the list of recommended readings to become more mindfulness. As I move through the list I’ll be posting more reviews of those books.

The most difficult part I found with this book is the suggestion of leaving the analytical mind behind. How do you leave the analytical mind behind? My mind is constantly reminding me of things I need to do and what I have forgotten to do.

Eckart Tolle suggests that everything in our heads is our falsely created self, the ego, and problems. That we are not our minds and we can find our way out of psychological pain by surrendering to the Now.

“When you become fully present and accepting of what is, you open yourself to the transforming experience of The Power of Now.”

I did like the format of The Power of Now. There are two characters asking Eckart questions about the Now with Eckart answering them. It’s a format I definitely like with a book like this because I had some of the same questions.

However, there were parts of the book I had a hard time grasping because of the analytical mind of mine. I do know focusing on breathing helps bring you back to the Now.

My recommendation would be to start with a book and/or a program on meditation before tackling this book. The meditation will help you learn to focus on the breathing.

This book was a bit advanced for me at this beginning point of my journey. It is a book I will come back to once I am better at quieting the mind.

All of the books I have listened to are on my Book List. You will also find a link to Audibles and Kindle if you would like to pick up this or any of the books your self.

If you have listened to this book, please leave a comment. I would like to hear what your thoughts were of the book as well as things I might have missed.

Trader Mind – Get a Mindful Edge in the Market by Steve Ward – #1 of 52

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Trader Mind

Trader Mind is an essential resource for understanding and applying mindfulness-based approaches that help to enhance an individual traders overall performance.

“Trader Mind – Get a Mindful Edge in the Market” by Steve Ward is an amazing book for anyone looking to improve performance in any area of their lives, not just trading.

The information is based on extensive research and practical applications to the real world that really helps increase awareness and insight. Both of which help manage thoughts and emotions.

Developing the proper skills through these techniques can help a trader become more situationally aware and build patterns of effective trading behaviors. Behaviors that will recognize an emotional cliff is approaching and to walk away.

Not just being aware of walking away mentality, but really… walk away. Walk away from the computer, the room, the office. Get away from the situation.

We all know losses will happen. However, it’s the emotional and impulsive behavior that happens after the loss that gets traders in real trouble. Once a trader falls into the mindset of “I can get it back”, catastrophic failure is creeping in. At this point, the trader is now looking at the market through personal biases and perceptions.

The reality is a trader cannot remove emotion from trading. Emotions are embedded into us as humans. We cannot ignore them or try to suppress them. After all, it’s the emotions that can keep us out of trouble. It is the “gut feeling” a trader gets that can keep them from losing money.

The idea of this book is to give the trader the tools and techniques to become more situationally aware and build positive patterns. Patterns of good behaviors that will help traders overcome those inherent biases and ultimately improve their trading decisions.

Whether you are an experienced trader or someone just getting into trading, I would highly recommend this book. You can get your copy on Audible or on your Kindle.

To see a full list of the books I’ve listened to, click HERE.

Book List – #52booksin52weeks

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Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Go to Audible now to get any of these books on you smartphone or tablet. You can also get them on your Kindle.

2019 List:

  1. “Trader Mind” by Steve Ward
  2. “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle
  3. “The Will Power Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal

2018 List:

  1. “How to Get and Stay Motivated”, by @grantcardone
  2. “The Bulletproof Diet…” @dave.asprey
  3. “Relentless: From Good, To Great, To Unstoppable” @attackathletics
  4. “Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win” @jockowillink @realleifbabin
  5. “Miracle Morning” @hal_elrod
  6. “Unlimited Memory” – Kevin Horsely
  7. “Million Dollar Habits” – Brian Tracy
  8. “The E Myth Revisited” – Michael E Gerber
  9. “Boundaries for Leaders” – Dr. Henry Cloud
  10. “Never Split The Difference” – Chris Voss
  11. “12 Rules For Life – An Antidote To Chaos” – Jordan B. Peterson
  12. “Speak So Your Audience Will Listen” – Robin Kermode
  13. “The Demographic Cliff” – Harry S. Dent
  14. “Deep Work” – Cal Newport
  15. “Herding Tigers” – Todd Henry
  16. “If You’re Not First, You’re Last” – Grant Cardone
  17. “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” – Cal Newport
  18. “But What If We’re Wrong” – Chuck Klosterman
  19. “Sell Or Be Sold” – Grant Cardone
  20. “Peak Performance” – Steve Magness & Brad Stulberg
  21. 21 “Rise And Grind” – Daymond John & Daniel Pasner
  22. “The Outsiders” – William Thorndike
  23. “Market Mind Games” – Denise Shull
  24. “The 10x Rule” – Grant Cardone
  25. “The Storyteller’s Secret” – Carmine Gallo
  26. “Zero to One” – Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
  27. “Outliers: The Story of Success” – Malcolm Gladwell
  28. “Trading For A Living” – Richard Davison
  29. “Everything Happens For A Reason” – Kate Bowler
  30. 30 “The Dichotomy of Leadership” – @jockowillink @realleifbabin

Creating Time With Audiobooks

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Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Whether you’re spending time commuting to and from work or gardening on the weekend, maximize your time by listening to audiobooks.

Are you wasting time commuting to and from work? It’s no secret, commutes are an ideal time to listen to audiobooks particularly for busy people that don’t have the time to read books. I am surprised more people are not maximizing their time by listening to audiobooks during their commute. You are going to be on that commute either way, why not make the most of it?

Outside of your commute, here is a list of some other great times to listen to audiobooks:

*Working Out at the Gym
*Traveling for Business or Pleasure

You can easily add to this list. The point is the activities above, although physical in nature, still leave the mind open to information. Use that time.

Why Listen to an Audio Book versus music?

Many times we don’t have the time to get additional training at work or find the latest and greatest advice and tips on aging or parenting but you generally can find the time to listen. By listening you can grow, learn, and discover passions that you never dreamed of.

With audiobooks, you can learn a language, hear the latest biographies or the latest best selling thrillers. As a music lover I can tell you that there is room for both but learning to me has always been more important since I know we are in an increasingly competitive world where knowledge is not a luxury but a must.

Aren’t Audiobooks Expensive?

If you have not been exposed to audiobooks you may think that audiobooks are expensive. In some cases that may be true but they are available in a variety of different ways. Believe it or not, you can still get books on CD through your library.

However, it’s no secret that the internet is the easiest place to look. You have sites like Audibles that you can pay a monthly subscription. Although I have never looked at iTunes for books, they have audiobooks you can download. All You Can Books is another option that offers a 30-day free trial and claims to have over 40,000 books and works. Another site I came across while writing this article called Scribd also offers audiobooks.

Audiobooks are also available across all interests. They are not just business or training types of books. You can listen to fiction books through the sites listed above. You can also listen to different courses on platforms like Udemy, iTunes, or iTunes U.

In conclusion, the convenience of listening to an audiobook can’t be beaten. By having the access we do on the multiple platforms we have available, an audiobook instantly opens the floodgates to a new path of productivity and multitasking. It eliminates the excuse of not having the time, as you’re going to make that commute to work either way. Might as well make the most of it.