The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal

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The Willpower Instinct written by Kelly McGonial is number 3 on the road to 52 books this year. You want to know how to really improve your health, happiness, and productivity?The Willpower Instinct is the book you need to read. This one will change your whole perspective on what you think”willpower” is. I was always under the impression there was only one … Read More

Trader Mind – Get a Mindful Edge in the Market by Steve Ward – #1 of 52

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Trader Mind

Trader Mind is an essential resource for understanding and applying mindfulness-based approaches that help to enhance an individual traders overall performance. “Trader Mind – Get a Mindful Edge in the Market” by Steve Ward is an amazing book for anyone looking to improve performance in any area of their lives, not just trading. The information is based on extensive research and practical applications to the real world that really helps increase awareness … Read More

Book List – #52booksin52weeks

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Go to Audible now to get any of these books on you smartphone or tablet. You can also get them on your Kindle. 2019 List: “Trader Mind” by Steve Ward “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle “The Will Power Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal 2018 List: “How to Get and Stay Motivated”, by @grantcardone “The Bulletproof Diet…” @dave.asprey “Relentless: From … Read More

Creating Time With Audiobooks

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Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash Whether you’re spending time commuting to and from work or gardening on the weekend, maximize your time by listening to audiobooks. Are you wasting time commuting to and from work? It’s no secret, commutes are an ideal time to listen to audiobooks particularly for busy people that don’t have the time to read books. I am surprised … Read More