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My wife has told me for years that if I really want to create value for others I am going to have to engage with people. The biggest part of that engagement is through social media and for years I’ve been reluctant to engage. Part of the reluctance was the idea of putting my personal life on the internet in all these forms. The other part was simply seeing all the fluff on the internet.

Part of that fluff is the massive amounts of inspirational quotes people post, re-post, and even repurpose to re-post. Don’t get me wrong, I think quotes are amazing and they can add tremendous insight. They can be the spark that changes in a person’s paradigm, thought process and even actions. They can definitely serve a purpose.

Do a Google search for inspirational quotes and you’ll come up with over 39.6 million results. There are dozens of sites dedicated to sharing these quotes. You can even dig deeper and find that there are profiles on various social networks dedicated to reusing the quotes. One of them on Instagram consistently posts them every day.

As a scrolled through Instagram this morning it really came to light. There are dozens of millionaire mindset type profiles on Instagram that post inspirational quotes on a daily basis. They continually take a inspirational quote, overlay it on a backdrop of someone famous and post it as if that famous person said it, or somehow were inspired by the quote that is now on their face.

I don’t remember any of the James Bond characters ever saying “You can’t grab the future while holding the past”. Although this is a very good inspirational quote that is very valid in it’s meaning, there is no call to action. However, there is nice link on their profile to a sales page.

Let’s be clear, I completely understand the process. I understand the intent is to build a following and promote their product or service. This site and all of it’s social networks is no different. There are an abundance of products advertised on this site. However, my intent with this blog and all of it’s social profiles is to continue to give you tips and tricks to achieve what you desire, whatever the opportunity is. Every great individual; in business, athletics, or any other field, has had a coach. Why shouldn’t you?

The quotes you read might create a small burst of inspiration, but without a plan to actually succeed the burst of inspiration will fade. Matter of fact, I’m willing to be as so bold and say I’m sure you have falling victim to it at some point. At the end of the day, there is no quote in this world that will change your life unless you are ready to take some action on it.

I will always encourage people to read quotes and anything else to find that inspiration. I would also encourage you to continue to come back and like the us on Facebook. I will continue to do my best to give you tools needed to achieve what you want out of your life.

Here is to you success!


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